Visa and Unabridged Certificates

The Dept of Home Affairs has agreed that the Regulations pertaining to the unabridged birth certificate and other documents required by travelling minors will be amended to bring practices in line with countries and the UK, as was agreed by Cabinet in 2016.
This means easing the requirements for an unabridged birth certificate. If there is cause for suspicion, customs will
have the right to probe the adults travelling with the child minor to produce proof that it is indeed their child.
The introduction of E–Visas are being investigated. This means that travellers would be able to apply online for a
South African visa and then it is collected at departure/arrival when they travel. Also if a traveller is in possession of a valid Schengen, US, Canadian, Australian visa, then they would automatically be granted entry into South Africa.
This is still being defined.
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