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Sustainable Tourism Awards:

Skål International Sustainable Tourism Awards are geared towards enhancing the visibility and grant recognition to entities from the Travel and Tourism Industry’

South Africa has been the worthy recipient of numerous Sustainable Tourism Awards. This year it would be good if each club could participate by identifying organization in any of the categories noted below

  • Community and Government Projects
  • Countryside and Biodiversity
  • Educational programmes and Media
  • Major Tourist Attractions
  • Marine and Coastal\
  • Rural Accommodation 
  • Tour Operators-Travel Agents
  • Tourist Transport
  • Urban Accommodation

The Due date for submission is 30 June 2020

UIF Website : New Feature

Great news : The UIF website has a new feature which enables you to track the progress of your application together with the allocation of payments.

If you have not applied and need to apply please click on this link:

Reach Out

Reach out to fellow Travel and Tourism Partners, invite them to virtual meetings, share ideas, help each other to keep tourism and business alive. We may be in hibernating, use this time to rejuvenate, define a path forward map out a recovery plan. 

May your family and love ones be safe, healthy and Strong
Warmest Skål Regards
National President Skål International South Africa 


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