May Newsletter 2020

Western Cape Premier Alan Winde together with Lavonne Wittmann, Past Skål International World President 2019 - receiving the 2022 Skål International Karl Twiggs Award at The Cullinan Hotel in Cape Town
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In brief the following are covered to all
paid-up members and their
immediate families:
  • Old age: reduced income.
  • Death: spouse or dependent children requiring financial assistance.
  • Illness: serious or prolonged.
  • Medical expenses: only available at personal expense beyond the means of the individual.
  • Accidents.
  • Criminal damage.
  • Physical disability: equipment so that the quality of life can be improved.
  • Natural disasters: for members and their immediate family affecte

Please follow the protocols as laid out in full, to include completing the application form in full, the more information we have the better, which will enable us to respond as soon as is feasibly possible.

All applications must be first submitted through the President of your Skål International Club, or alternatively the International Councillor of your country or directly to the Trustees.

As always, applications are handled with strict confidentiality, your privacy is assured.

We are here to help you.
Stay safe, stay home and sanitise.


Jan Sunde
Coordinating Trustee
 Mok Singh 
Tony Clegg-Butt 
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