Louise Rohner

Banyan Tree Mozambique

Senior Sales Manager

Situated in the private Island of Ilha Caldeira off the coast of Mozambique, Banyan Tree Ilha Caldeira will offer 40 private pool villas with stunning oceanfront views of the pristine Indian Ocean, providing guests a time to connect with its unexplored natural surroundings and embrace the local flavour with its culturally-rich heritage.

Ilha Calderia gets its name from its similarities to a volcanic “caldera” as the island is encircled by a sand dune which protects the jungle-esque center. Located just 20 km off the mainland, the island is part of a marine protected area and a world-class diving site, which is home to 20% of Mozambique’s intact living coral.

Featuring the award-winning Banyan Tree Spa and authentic Thai cuisine at Banyan Tree’s signature restaurant Saffron, Banyan Tree Ilha Caldeira is a gem waiting to be discovered by the world’s most discerning and adventurous travelers.

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