Lemien De Ridder


Partnership Consultant

The real story of how NightsBridge started is a frustrating last minute search for a honeymoon booking. After discovering that searching for  accommodation in South Africa meant sending an endless number of email enquiries to which few replied (and none in time to save the bridegroom…),  the founders – Neil and Theresa Emerick – knew there had to be a better way to book online. And so, NightsBridge was born.

The future trend they spotted was that most accommodation booking sites would require available inventory information to make realtime bookings. 

However, small guesthouses, B&Bs, apartments or hotels would not be able to update every site that wanted their information by logging in and out to many different sites, several times a day. Neil and Theresa called this solving the “availability problem”.

Ten years later, days before their ten year wedding anniversary, the same last-minute accommodation crisis surfaced. This time though, they were able to book online, on a smartphone, at 9pm for arrival the next day. If ever two founders approached business development with a view to solving problems they experience themselves, NightsBridge is a great example.


The team that will assist you as a client or partner is passionate about what they do and believe, like the founders, that client service, supported by great systems, is at the core of our business.

We’re a bit quirky, love to dress up for Freaky Friday and having some fun together as a team.

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