Leanne Dickinson

Lumela Afrika


I worked in the corporate world for quite some time and on my commute to work each day I saw women, with their children, begging for money at the traffic light corners. This is a common sight in South Africa and it got me thinking of how I could try and help these ladies obtain a sustainable living.

Around this time sanctions were dropped against SA and I had the idea of creating and hand painting naïve art pieces to export abroad. Initially my mother-in-law joined me in the business and together, with 2 ladies, we began painting wooden trinket boxes, pencil cases and some decorative ceramic plates all by hand.

22 years later our range has expanded in leaps and bounds, and is now sold across borders and includes an exclusive range of hand painted enamelware, pure white porcelain enamelware, wooden musical and educational toys as well as a host of other bright fun accessories. With our unique enamel designs and products we have also ventured into fabulous corporate giftware.

Lumela is a job creation project focusing on the employment of single mothers and men from the local townships of Sharpeville, Sebokeng and Orange Farm. None of our hand crafted items are completely identical and all are made with tons of love and attention to detail. Lumela

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