Karyn Cooper

Director - Apex Shark Expeditions Cape Town

FIT Shark Tours Cape Town
We offer half-day personal, intimate shark and marine tours all year round daily.
Near Seal Island we have been enjoying sightings of the bronze whaler shark. These large predatory sharks are generally very interactive, coming close to the boat, and are very inquisitive. There is no need for your guests to enter the cage as the boat-based viewing is excellent.

As such your guests will have an excellent chance to see sharks on any trip they do with us as well as a whole host of other spectacular large marine megafauna. Whales, dolphins, and many species of sea birds are often encountered on this adventurous expedition.

As we adopt an eco-system style of operating our trips, going to sea with Apex is like going on a safari game drive and we will try to take in as much marine wildlife as possible on our trips. As trips are based on natural events every trip is different and sightings are not guaranteed.

The trips these past years have been equally successful and guest feedback of dives with these other species has been outstanding. Read what our guests have to say on Google or TripAdvisor.

The departure point, Simon’s Town, is only 45 minutes from Cape Town city center, 15 minutes from the Cape of Good Hope, and only 2 minutes from Boulders Beach Penguin Colony.
We offer a combination of door-to-door transfers, a shark trip plus a land tour to the Penguins and the Cape of Good Hope.

Group Tours
We have a capacity of 42 guests on one trip and we can accommodate up to 3 trips a day.

Our first trip usually meets between 07:00 and 08:00 and the third trip is +- 3:00 pm. We are flexible to rotate the guests with other activities in-between as required.

A light lunch of sandwiches, quiches, snacks, and refreshments is served aboard, and we cater to any dietary requirements.

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