Gabrielle Andrew: Guest Speaker

12 October 2021

Skal International Cape Town & Breakwater Lodge invites Members and their Guests to our Networking Lunch on the 12 October 2021, where Gabrielle Andrew will be our guest speaker.
Gabrielles Biography:
1. Community facilitator –  I design and facilitate processes to raise capacity in community NGO/NPO/community sector
2. Life coach – working primarily, but not exclusively with adolescents, Educare workers and women.
Community facilitation experience. 1990 – current.
* Initiated and ongoing expanding Cape Camino. Identify participating communities across broad range of sectors- first people, agriculture, sacred communities, environmental, hospitality, municipal. Facilitating relationships, routes and developing the small business.
* Feasibility study of a Camino for department of Agriculture down the Berg River.
* Small coaching private practice
* Personal growth workshops- exploring internal environments. Raising confidence levels.
* Process design and facilitation – Land reform – application for redistribution, restoration and land tenure- ESTA- extension of security of tenure act. Worked with several rural communities and projects in Southern Cape at many levels throughout this process. Including South Cape Land Committee.
* Black Sash Advice Office Knysna-strategic planning and annual  evaluation. For 6 years. Facilitation of Best practices.
* Vermaaklikheid application for government funds to build community housing. Successful and 23 homes were owner built.
* Personal growth programmes with Vermaaklikheid trust and committee members.  Also for department of Health constituents George.
* Designed and facilitated Educare programmes for women in rural communities of Southern Cape. Level 1 and 2- received accreditation. Pre-school Resource Centre George.
Methodology – Training for Transformation- based on Paulo Freire’s work.
* Plett RDP facilitation of RDP committee.  Ran over 6 months- all objectives achieved with the committee.
* Facilitation of Plett Marina proposal- using Nancy Kline methodology – broad based consultation, and community voted against the marina after the effective consultation process.
* Designed and facilitated Train the Trainer programmes. Offered to the NGO world. Developed own manual. Still in use.
* Plett Youth capacity building programmes-Life skills Development Organisation.  listening skills, raising self confidence, communication, budgeting, setting goals etc.
* Corporate team building, anti discrimination  workshops.
* Co-ran a Permaculture farm- built straw bale house, used waterless toilets, fuelless cooking methods, organic gardening. Ran an eatery.
  • 1984 – 1986 – Unisa degree majored philosophy and psychology.
  • 1981 – 84 Attended teachers training college KZN
  • Matriculated 1979 St Cyprians. Cape Town.


Gabrielle Andrew

Update on:

  • Route extensions
  • Popularity of route
  • Demographics of pilgrims and who we are targeting
  • Relationship with SKAL members – how we can work together and benefit each other and the industry.