Andrew, Michelle President/ Media 078-916-2419
Bezuidenhout, Wayne Vice President1/Prizes/Venues/MC 083-281-1193

Smith, Dawn Vice President2/ Venues 083-659-5370
de Klerk, Lodewyk Statutes & By Laws 083-654-6700
Lamb, Anne Secretary/ Membership Development 082-708-1836
Rens, Colleen Assistant Secretary 083-768-3709
Jones, Faried Treasurer 082-567-4782
Goldhill, Rory Young Skål/ Membership Development Assistant 084-444-3379
Brown, Shirley Workshops 082-374-7716
Malan, Martie Special Projects/ Santa Shoe Boxes 083-286-6283
Bayne, Carol Young Skål/ Workshops/Newsletter/ Lunch Replies. 076-478-5354
 Strydom, Rodney  Website/ Photos to Secretariat 082-818-1652
 Kushner, Alvin  Head a mentor team – assisting Under Priv / Young People etc 082-896-6994 
Ackerman, Jamie-Lee President Young Skal 073-782-0610
Daniels, Keon  Young Skal Committee 079-497-4658
 Cox, Dylan  Young Skal Committee 076-886-6446
 Mally, Keenan   Young Skal Committee 078-398-8040

Skål Cape Town Committee 2018

Front L to R: Dawn Smith, Faried Jones, Michelle Andrew, Anne Lamb, Wayne Bezuidenhout.

                         Back L to R: Rodney Strydom,Colleen Rens, Carol Bayne, Rory Golhill, Martie Malan Lodewyk de Klerk                                                                                  and inset Shirley Brown.