Catherine Nyquist

Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary

Managing Director

Come and visit Panthera Africa, and our knowledgeable and passionate staff will share the many heartfelt rescue stories of our lions, leopards, tigers, cheetah and caracals. They will also educate you on interesting facts about the different species, and enlighten you on our animals’ unique personalities. You will be able to see, hear and enjoy everything these animals have to offer.

We strongly believe in the importance of educating you about animal welfare, and bring to your attention the truth behind the many breeding farms and cub petting facilities. 

In addition to our EDUCATIONAL visit, as explained above, you also have the option to join our ENRICHMENT visit. Here you have the opportunity to photograph the animals in action – playing, pouncing, sniffing and exploring…. We can promise you an exciting and unforgettable experience!

In addition to the above we also offer Sunset Visits and conscious walks through the Kingdom.

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